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Have a listen to some of our songs by clicking on the little CDs next to the titles,
and sample some YouTubes and audio of live performances

Don't Wanna be a Star - Moira Tyers

Just Don't Get It - Wendy Ealey
The Water is Wide - Traditional
Eyes for Africa - Moira Tyers
Cautionery Tale - Wendy Ealey
In the Shadow of the Chimneys - Jenny and Wendy Ealey
The Hardest Thing - Moira Tyers
The Road You Take - Jenny Ealey
Champagne - Moira Tyers
When You Get to 40 - Birthday song - lyrics are adaptable for any age celebration
  Thanks to Neil Robertson for his musical and engineering contribution to most of the tracks
Some samples of YouTubes and audio of live performances of some favourite songs.
Sailor's Lament Summertime Short Song - House Concert The Water Is Wide Tale of Jim Martin
Housework sucks Satisfaction (Rolling Stones) Clues

Who Knows Where the Time Goes (Sandy Denny)

Sailors Lament (Live at Mama Vittoria's - Moira Tyers)

Cry Me a River (Arthur Hamilton) Satisfaction (Rolling Stones)